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Koninkrijk België / Royaume de Belgique / Königreich Belgien

for APH Belgium.

Sweets and Beer.
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BELGIUM: It is said that although she is mature and has a cheerful personality, she doesn't stand out much when surrounded by other people. Earlier notes on the character describe her as a tsukkomi ("straight man") type, and state that she is often pushed around by her siblings. Taken from Hetalia wikia.


Belgium might be a small country but she’s famous for her chocolate (sweets in general) and her beer (don’t forget Manneke Pis and French Fries !) Belgium speaks three different kind of languages (Dutch/Flemish + French + German). Without help from other countries she could defend herself against her brother and gained her own independence. She defeated Napoleon on her own by Waterloo and gave Germany a rough time with trying to invade Belgium during both World War’s and held them off long enough for England and France to gather enough menpower. Nowadays she’s not much of a fighter anymore (except with herself). This community is for fans who can’t wait to see her appear in the comics (to kick her brothers ass).

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